The Smart Body

        Did you know that the Innate aka Smart Body is responsible for remission in cancer?  It’s also the facilitator for body functions that continue even while a person is lying unconscious in a coma…  Last month … Read More

Winter Solstice and the year to come

  The theme of this year’s eclipse season is death and rebirth, and the Universe is asking us to consider this thread throughout 2022.  The Astrology of the entire year to come will pivot around this topic with a Scorpio … Read More

Creating in the Higher Dimensions

November 11th is always an auspicious day, and the numerology of 11/11 is a well known portal of transformation.  I am using this gateway to kick off ‘The Personal Mastery Series’! The Series is an online gathering that will meet … Read More


Join me in Creating Self empowerment! Over this 6 week Basic Energy Tools course, you will have the opportunity to learn, shift and grow in many positive ways: Find your true connection with your higher self and your highest potential Create peace, balance, … Read More

Transforming Fear

Those with precognitive abilities say that in the decades to come it will be found that more people died of the fear of the virus than of the virus itself.  

Cusp of an Energy Revolution

As we are collectively navigating through the Eclipse/Solstice season of this surreal year, I’ve been seeing a similar message being presented in a variety of ways:  We are at the cusp of an energy revolution.  And we are entering the … Read More

Moving into 5D

What an interesting time here on planet Earth!  The Polarity is increasing in obvious ways.  While part of the Collective is engaged in the 3D issues, something very beautiful is occurring in the 5D.  I have spent the past months … Read More

The Reset

There is a new and very different quality of light coming in and influencing Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. It is shifting consciousness and dimensional awareness, and amplifying zero point dynamics. It assists the photonic higher positive order: … Read More


Back in the 1990’s I took a Polarity Therapy training. Our program included hands on healing techniques, polarity yoga, and a vegetarian diet that emphasizes food combining . The focus of Polarity therapy is to create balance and healing in … Read More

The Dissolving Veil

While I was writing my post this month, I came upon an Astrology report from an Astrologer that I really resonate with.   I found that Govinda had already written down all of the major trends that I’ve been noticing!  Not … Read More