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A New Combination Session / Craniosacral Therapy and Clairvoyant Reading – Healing



As many of you know, I spent several years in Brazil at a Healing Center.  People came from all over the world to heal.  Many experienced miracles, and it was a life changing event for most.  I personally felt like I had found ‘Home’ upon arriving on my first trip, and began volunteering as a Medium soon after.  I learned a tremendous amount during my years in Brazil; and over time, found that successful healing experiences had a few repeating themes.

When people had success in healing an issue at the Center, they also had a profound inner journey.  Many began tapping into old memories.  Some people remembered traumatic events that had never been dealt with. And most visitors realized that they had belief systems that were not helpful, but acting out daily, and not consciously known previously.  Everyone had forgiveness work to do – with themselves and others.  There was also a spiritual aspect, of surrendering to something higher.  At the Casa, they called it Love.  And as I’ve continued to learn about Quantum Healing – I’ve seen it labeled as Consciousness or the Quantum Field or Universal Intelligence.  It is the most powerful, benevolent source of energy in the Universe; and when you begin to co-create with that, everything changes.

I’m introducing a new service that combines all of these themes of healing; working with the particular issue of a client, looking at the energetics that created the physical manifestation, and working with the higher energies of consciousness to create a comprehensive Quantum Healing approach.

The session will include the modalities of Craniosacral Therapy and Clairvoyant Readings/Healings.  And it’s exclusive to my clients in the Boulder, CO area.  The client will come to my office and lay on a table, following the typical Craniosacral therapy protocol, while adding the intentions for the both the physical issue and the correlating intention for the deeper energetic patterns.

These sessions are 60 minutes, and the introduction rate is $175 until May 31, 2023 (normally $200).

This could be a perfect Mothers Day gift for yourself or your loved one.  All of the details can be handled by contacting me directly.  Simply write ‘Mother’s Day Special’ in your communication to receive your discount.  I also have I have gift certificates available for all of my services:

Text:  970-420-8952

Email:  brookeleclaire@gmail.com


Not sure which session to get? Here are some considerations…

Craniosacral Therapy Sessions can be deeply relaxing.  Sometimes people fall asleep, or go so deeply inward that they don’t want to bother with words.  They may find that talking takes them out of that wonderful feeling place.   Other times, a person simply has an injury that they want treated.  They need help with a concussion or another physical ailment, and that’s their focus. And on a practical level, Craniosacral Therapy Sessions are held at my Boulder office – which may be too far away for some clients. Learn more about Craniosacral Therapy Sessions here.  

Clairvoyant Readings/Healings are held remotely, usually by phone in the comfort of people’s own home.  I’ve worked with people all over the world, so the sessions aren’t limited to a certain locale. A client may have identified a few patterns that are ‘up’ for them right now that they want to focus on exclusively.  Or the client may not have a physical issue that bothers them, so there’s not a need for the bodywork adjunct.   Learn more about a Clairvoyant Reading/Healing here.

Combination Session/Craniosacral Therapy and Clairvoyant Reading/Healing sessions are perfect for those who have a physical issue that also has other layers involved.  For example, a  physical issue may be related to early childhood trauma.  Or there could be an inherited ancestral pattern that has been uncovered, which needs to be released in order to transcend the physical issue.  At times, people may become aware that when they visit certain areas or see particular people, their physical symptoms exacerbate.  These sessions are also helpful for people who are looking for help in integrating their Ascension process.  When massive downloads occur, or multidimensional aspects are prevelent, it can be helpful to have support around integrating those with the 3D reality. These sessions are a combination of the Clairvoyant Reading/Healings and Craniosacral Therapy sessions. Feel free to investigate each of those individual services to learn more.  At this time, the combination sessions can be booked by contacting me directly.

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