The Dissolving Veil

While I was writing my post this month, I came upon an Astrology report from an Astrologer that I really resonate with.   I found that Govinda had already written down all of the major trends that I’ve been noticing!  Not only does the report apply for the full moon, but it also encompasses the larger trends of this time.   It was a lovely synchronicity…  I hope you enjoy his report and find it helpful.

Full Moon in Virgo
Sun in Pisces

19 degrees, 37 minutes
Monday, March 9, 2020
10:48 am (PDT)

Pay attention to the details of your life and put your focus on some form of service. This is what the Full Moon in Virgo is about – details and service. This is the perfect time for intellectual pursuits, research and taking care of the functional aspects of your life. At the same time, you may feel shy and become more inward during this Full Moon. This is because Virgo energies promote self-criticism and self-awareness. Virgo energy is mostly about perfection and the awareness of your body and health. Take care of your health, exercise and eat healthy, non-GMO and certified organic foods. Afterall, your body is the only ‘house’ you have for your Spirit to reside in.

The Sun in Pisces awakens us to higher possibilities and the Virgo energies of the Full Moon stimulate and support us to organize and direct our lives towards humble service and the healing of our physical and emotional realities. 

At the time of this Full Moon there is a powerful and profound Stellium (a large Conjunction) of four celestial bodies, including Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto (all in the sign of Capricorn). This dynamic lineup is reflecting an exposure of the shadow energies of the structures in our world, including governments, religious organizations, financial institutions, corporations and so on. We, as individuals and the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, are being urged to purge, transform and heal those structures that are not in the higher vibration of love and compassion.

Also, this is an alignment of Miracle possibilities that can be directed to create blessings in our personal and collective world for the higher good of all

This Stellium is a wake-up call for Humanity to take a stand for higher principles and spiritual wisdom. Divine Truth is now being intuitively downloaded into the Collective Consciousness, “For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.”

An alignment (Conjunction) of the Sun and Neptune (in Pisces) brings awareness that the veil between the spiritual and the physical realms is dissolving. As this veil dissolves, we will have opportunities to develop an even stronger, more conscious connection with our spiritual, mystical side.

Pay attention to any subtle feelings that may be gently calling you or guiding. These may be intuitive promptings from your spiritual guidance.With this Full Moon we have an Opposition Aspect between the Sun Conjunct Neptune (in Pisces) and the Moon (in Virgo) indicating possible conflicts in idealistic and spiritual points of view. There may be misunderstandings, confusions and deceptions between people, factions and organizations. Our religious and spiritual beliefs may be challenged and turned upside down.

For some of us, this may feel like the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’. We may come to realize that pretty much everything that we were taught and believed in is not real. We may feel that we have dedicated a significant part of our lives to something that we now discover is false. This could lead to a total dismantling of our old belief systems. What a wonderful possibility this is!Many things may seem vague, indecisive and confusing now. Remember to question everything! Follow your heart and your inner knowing. Meditation helps you to do this. Learn to be mindful and know how you truly feel – not how someone tells you to feel or think you should feel. Do not allow yourself to be led by the beliefs of others. Always ask yourself, “Do I feel good and at peace, or do I feel uncomfortable and uneasy with what is being presented to me?” By understanding and following your true feelings and inner knowing, you will be at peace with your choices.

Also, the increase of Pisces and Neptune energies are increasing our empathic sensitivity to the energies of other people and our environment. This is likely to affect your sense of wellbeing. When another person is having a negative emotion, it may feel like it is your emotion. This can be confusing and disconcerting. Learn to recognize what is yours and what is not. Spending quality time alone, meditating and communing with beautiful nature supports awareness of what is your energy and what is not yours.

This is the time to be aware of what you are feeling and to use discernment. The influence of Neptune and the sign of Pisces support an opening in awareness of the mystical realms, including a wide range of energies from higher divine feminine frequencies and spiritual guidance on one end of the spectrum, to lower psychic, confusing and disturbing frequencies on the other end of the spectrum.

On the other hand, this increasing sensitivity may also open us up to feelings of deep compassion, kindness and intuition. If you are feeling guided to take some altruistic action, be sure to follow your heart and consider what is for the higher good of all.

On a positive note, the Moon is Trine to the Stellium (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto in Capricorn). This alignment indicates a special time for taking inspired action! We have the energy of Source available for us to support commitments and structures for the wellbeing of Humanity and Nature. Follow your inspirations and commit to what you truly believe in. Connect and co-create with like-minded people who are kind and compassionate and have service for the good of Humanity as their focus.

If you are not already practicing meditation, now is the perfect time to begin.
In Love & Appreciation,

Govinda :

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