Cusp of an Energy Revolution

As we are collectively navigating through the Eclipse/Solstice season of this surreal year, I’ve been seeing a similar message being presented in a variety of ways:  We are at the cusp of an energy revolution.  And we are entering the most intensified purification process that the Earth and the human kingdom has ever experienced.    Here’s a profound message from Maryam Hasnaa for you to ponder.

Your subtle feelings will soon become your primary guidance system for navigating through your experience. We need a certain level of life force energy to live our purpose. Our sources of internal energy come from channeling life force through us, as us, in the highest vibration. This vibration is that of pure joy, lightness, happiness, truth, grace, understanding and most simply love. It comes from the sun, food, the breath, sleep, exercise, experiences that uplift and nourish, recharging and a vast range of spiritual practices, such as meditation. Self care, self love and energetic boundaries are medicine for the soul. They are crucial to our well being and no longer considered a luxury. The new currency is vital life force energy exchange.

A primary part of this consciousness shift is that we are increasing the vibration of our physical bodies to higher frequencies so that we can absorb more energy at the DNA level. Absorbing the wrong energy around us can deplete our ability to store internal energy. It is often necessary to clear out these energies before we can begin to truly tap into our own power. This may mean removing yourself from certain situations that feel depleting, letting negative relationships go, learning how to shield yourself properly, learning how to clear energy and most importantly learning how to cultivate higher energy vibration.

It is imperative to learn energy practices for how you want to manage yourself as Spirit in a physical vessel. Pure source energy rejuvenates and creates without depletion. It is renewable and endless. It has the ability to heal and expand in ways that can transform all that comes in contact with it.

Raising the vibration consists of clearing out dense energy that no longer serve us. It is the process of infusing our body with light. This can transform our physical bodies and elevate our consciousness. Learning to function as a multidimensional being, we can begin to step into our infinite potential. For most, this is a drastic lifestyle change. It requires mindfulness with every aspect of our being including what we eat, who we spend time with, what we expose our senses to, how we spend our time, what we think, what we speak into creation and most certainly healing our emotions and transcending our limited world view.

When you make a commitment to this process of raising your vibration, expect to see dramatic changes. You may see all of your relationships transform. You may be surrounded by people who do not understand this process. You may feel compelled to move out of the environment that you are living in. You may feel confused and alone at times, questioning why you feel called to make such changes. It all depends on your own soul’s personal journey. The shift begins to happen on the very subtle etheric plane, the realm of thought and intention. Then with consistency and time, you eventually begin to see the fruits of the changes you made, manifesting into the physical realm, the realm of creation.

This is a path of being true to yourself, listening to the heart, living in the now moment and following your bliss. This path is about trusting the divine plan and the perfect unfoldment of life’s greatest miracles. This is the time we have chosen to awaken and fully step into our divine nature. Be certain that this planetary shift is happening beneath the surface in ways that are beyond what we can imagine.

~ Maryam Hasnaa

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