Moving into 5D

What an interesting time here on planet Earth!  The Polarity is increasing in obvious ways.  While part of the Collective is engaged in the 3D issues, something very beautiful is occurring in the 5D. 

I have spent the past months immersed in the teachings of those who are awakened, and have found a theme that keeps repeating: We have the choice to rise into a higher Consciousness that brings things like Peace, Harmony, Compassion, Balance, Love and Unity or we can choose to remain in the lower levels of pain, suffering, separation, lack, and fighting for all that our Ego is desperately trying to hold onto.  The choice is ours; but to get to the higher octaves of vibration – we must first become aware of the patterns that keep us in the lower levels, and then transform them.

If you are struggling at this time, I have some FREE RESOURCES to offer you:

ONE SIMPLE TOOL TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE – given by Tracy L Clark.  Difficult thoughts and emotions are coming up for everyone, and this short video shows a technique to use when you become aware of an unhelpful pattern (fear, anger, judgement, negative repeating thoughts etc…).   It helps your body to stop the circuitry that keeps unhelpful thoughts and emotions looping endlessly; so that you can re-frame, let go, and create balance within.  Here’s that link:

If you like Tracy’s style and you want to learn more – she has a helpful website with lots of free tools.

Unity Sunday Meditations with Sandra Walters; meditate on your own and join others through the field.  Sandra also has a newsletter and many free YouTube videos that give tools and helpful insights around where we are going in the higher vibrations and how to get there.  Here’s a link to her website:

Kryon Healing Wednesdays – the first Wednesday of each month provides a healing from the Kryon energies that are specific to healing each individual in their highest good.  I attended the first one last night, and was deeply touched. Here’s a link for the replay:

Jim Self and his partner Roxanne- I frequently recommend Jim Self because he speaks in a practical, no-nonsense way that is clear and concise.  He also gives a wonderful overview of the energetics behind events, and leads simple and effective meditations that people with or without much experience can benefit from equally.

Here’s a quick video link called ‘What’s the State of Your World?’ It gives you an idea of how Jim and Roxanne work together and their observations of our current situation from an energetic and conscious viewpoint.

Park Bench project is a free meditation on the 2nd Sunday of each month that Jim and Roxanne provide.  You can attend live or listen to a replay in your free time.  These sessions allow you to heal yourself as well as helping others, and they are quite beautiful.  Here’s a link that about the Results of Park Bench project so far:

And if you like it, you can join Park Bench Project here

If you are doing well and would like to be of service, but don’t know how; I have a few practices that I could share.  Project Park Bench (from above) would certainly be one thing to try.

Another thing that I’ve found helpful is to spend as much time as I can in Nature.  Gaia is shifting, and the Divine feminine energy is coming in like never before.  Our light bodies are enhancing and new codes are coming online.

I’ve been hiking in the high Colorado mountains, above the noise and static of the collective.  It’s where I can best connect with Consciousness.   I use the hike as a moving meditation, and in my practice I am intentionally creating coherence, or that feeling of being ‘at one’ with all things. Once I am in coherence, I bless everything and everyone I see.  As I do this, I feel an ‘echo’ or response, coming back to me.  This is consciousness reflecting back to me.  And from this place of co-creation I receive a lot; it may be information about my next steps or some type of new and higher understanding.  I always receive a healing for myself and return home happy and balanced.  

The old is leaving, and we all are walking into the new and unknown in a way that we have no references points for.  We have never been at this place before, so go easy on yourselves…. The new energy is all about vibration and we are the very beginning of a new process; learning a completely different way of being and creating, through discovering our own Divine selves and co-creating with Source. 

If you would like to learn more about coherence, here’s a video:

I have also found the Paul Selig books to be very helpful in working with consciousness, our alignment, and the echo that consciousness reflects back to us.

No matter what is happening around you, first take care of yourself. When you are balanced, all things will be gradually added to your life, and the changes you have asked for will occur.
~ Kryon

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