My Story

I’ve been a practitioner in the healing arts assisting people and animals for almost 30 years.  I specialize in reading and shifting patterns at the deepest levels of an individual’s experience in order to facilitate health and coherence in the body/mind/spirt/emotions. I offer Clairvoyant Readings and Healing Sessions for humans and their pets, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Attunements for Homes and Office Spaces, classes and meditations. I’m based in the greater Boulder, Colorado area, but am able to schedule virtual meetings with you no matter where you’re located.

When I was growing up, animals were my world. My father was a veterinarian, and I spent my days going on calls with him — talking and playing with animals. It was so natural to me that I thought everyone could do it! As I grew older, other things became more important, and my focus changed.

In my last year of college I started having psychic experiences and my abilities began to unfold. I began meditating and experiencing new states of awareness.  My life changed rapidly along with my priorities. I decided that I wanted to help people in some form of healing work and I became a massage therapist. I thoroughly enjoyed the 1,000 hour course and graduated with honors in 1994.

Over the next seven years I studied polarity and craniosacral therapies with John and Anna Chitty of the Colorado School of Energy Studies.  I was assisting classes and felt very comfortable working with the nervous system.  At the same time, I kept seeing, sensing, and feeling energy patterns that I could not explain within the context of my energy training.

I began to take classes in clairvoyant training at Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder. After a few years I started teaching the spiritual tools and giving clairvoyant readings on a consistent basis. I continued learning about advanced clairvoyance and energy healing techniques for the next 10 years.

In 2009 I had another life defining moment while traveling to Brazil. Much to my surprise, I found my spiritual home and spent the next 9 years acting as a medium at the Casa de Dom Inacio. I learned how consciousness literally transforms everything, and experienced many miracles there. It has profoundly changed my life, and all that I do. During my years in Brazil I learned so much about life beyond the veil, and the miracles that love brings!

I am very grateful for all of the teachers and trainings that have been such a wonderful part of my life, and I am happy to be in service to this work.

Blessings to you,


"Brooke is the best! I always feel lighter and freer when I finish a healing with her. She has not only helped me with a spiritual healing, she has also given me tools to help myself. She has helped me through some rough times. I don’t know what I would do without her!" Stephanie


“Brooke’s sessions help me to connect in with myself, to relax into a healing space.  I feel seen and extremely validated.  Her work helps bring more awareness and presence into my life.”  Mary 


“Brooke is an incredibly effective and intuitive healer that has helped me in the realms of health, emotion and spirit. Her readings are accurate and can be felt from a distance. Not only have I received clarity about past issues and my future plans, but she has also taught me how to tune into my own intuition and receive messages. I feel grateful I can consult Brooke for guidance during my times of transition or when I am facing challenges. I feel truly uplifted by the clarity I gain at the end of our sessions.”   Masha


“Brooke’s expertise and sensitivity to the client’s needs are unmatched! I’ve been a client of Brooke's for years, and my first full craniosacral session this week was superb! I wouldn’t have thought it possible for there to be so much positive change to the alignment of my pelvis in so short a time!” Bonnie


“I am benefiting from Brooke’s wonderful healings and teaching.  Her purity allows her to employ guidance and assistance from the “entities” plus other spiritual beings which amplifies the work.  She has become a great and trusted ally in my quest for improved health and spiritual growth.  She has an extraordinary ability to be genuine as she tunes into her client’s issues and essence on many levels.  Her work is profound.”  Irene


“Brooke’s healings are exquisite.  She had dedicated a life time to healing and I have truly felt the effects of  it.   My body and mind seem more aligned with my heart and soul.”  Leigh

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