Transforming Fear

Those with precognitive abilities say that in the decades to come it will be found that more people died of the fear of the virus than of the virus itself.

As a collective, we are learning a lot about fear; how quickly it can divide and create separation, and how masterfully it can generate dis – ease.  We are powerful enough to mis-create in enormous ways through our fear, so why not choose to use our power to create our lives consciously, by understanding and transforming the fears that trouble us?  Why not use our power to create our lives in beautiful ways that support ourselves and others in the highest?

I will be hosting a Zoom session at 6:30 MST on Thursday, February 11th to empower you in transforming unhelpful fear based patterns. *

Fear has components that are well known and have been extensively studied.  Fear is a thought form, which then becomes a belief when the mind has re-visited the thought often enough.  When the mind attaches to the fear,  emotions are created, and physiological responses occur in the body, leading to dis – ease.  The imbalance can then manifest in a variety of ways, often leading to health issues.  Within this chain of events, it is helpful to recognize that at its origin, fear is energy, and energy is easy to shift. 

Through a group meditation format, we will identify various fears and shift the resulting energy patterns.  We will consciously replace them with new ones that are helpful, balancing and empowering.

*This event has already taken place.

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  1. Amen πŸ™πŸΌ
    Awesome Brooke LeClaire! I would love to attend the first one, but I’m unable to attend due to travel & appointment!
    Can we see it or listen to a recording? ?


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