The Reset

There is a new and very different quality of light coming in and influencing Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. It is shifting consciousness and dimensional awareness, and amplifying zero point dynamics. It assists the photonic higher positive order: Divine Love, Divine Light, Divine Will.

This means all of our thoughts, emotions and actions are amplified – across the board, positive or negative. The new light bolsters the sorting out of realities; amplifying the Source request for a brand new harmonic to be the norm. It shakes apart (literally a quantum vibration) anything which does not harmonize with the new light level, hence the dismantling of realities currently in progress.

Yes, it’s quite the show. It is also a powerful opportunity to review responsible creation: who is comprehending and resonating with the new light, and who is getting torn apart.

Embodiment of higher DNA codes, and these new frequencies of the Higher realms of Self, dissolves the illusion of lower self. We lose the old identity as the Christed/Crystalline/Unified Self steps forth. Not in an instant (that would destroy the body.) Slow enough to observe it falling away, slow enough to recalibrate the ego, slow enough to experience Ascension as a collective, slow enough to witness every moment of Divine transformation.
~ Sandra Walter

Many of us are awake now and we are in various stages of Ascension. On this path of embodiment, one inevitably realizes that they have thoughts, beliefs, patterns and manifestations that are not in alignment with their highest potentials and goals.

We are energetic beings, and energy is as physical as a table or a chair. Energy occupies space. So when you clear energy, you make room for new, better-feeling, higher-vibrational energies to come in and take the place of what you have cleared.

Quantum Healing Sessions help facilitate the alignments required for us to operate in the higher vibrational octaves of experience. All sessions are a form of distant healing and are given by phone, Zoom. or Whats Ap. The client brings an intention into the session with 2 – 3 issues/challenges and their goals. Once we are connected I will create a safe space for the session. The client will talk about their issues/intentions, while I read their energy field as it is currently presenting.

Energy frequencies are cleared that are not in alignment with your highest goals and intentions, creating more space for what you are wanting. I’ll provide some insight and energy healing as is appropriate, and attune your energy field to a higher vibration.

From this higher level of alignment one experiences a healing. They may feel different energetically, have more clarity, find that something has healed physically, experience a shift in their perception, and see new levels of freedom and choice.

As one opens up to higher frequency energies, they begin to entrain or entangle with the higher levels of consciousness. As this connection develops, it leads one to a much greater understanding of their higher purpose in this lifetime. Their perception changes, limitations are dropped, and with that; they are able to receive more of the beautiful gifts from the higher octaves of consciousness.

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