Attunements for Homes/Office Spaces

Healing and Clearing for homes and all of your spaces

Every space holds thought forms which become vibrational blueprints that hold instructions for manifesting reality.

There is a predominate vibrational blueprint that influences each space. Thought forms leave a residue, so when the predominate energy conflicts with you in your alignment – you will feel uncomfortable. As more people are waking up, their sensitivity is increasing. They are noticing and feeling things that they haven’t in the past, and it’s becoming more important to find the tools to work with that.

These sessions help you to create a space that is peaceful, supportive and cohesive in a way that nurtures you. If you are in a life transition, looking to shift old and outdated patterns, interested in creating new energetics that support you in a positive growth forward or simply wanting to create an environment that supports your intention and highest life – try a session to re-create your space!

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