Many of us are awake now and we are in various stages of Ascension.  On this path of embodiment, one inevitably realizes that they have thoughts, beliefs, patterns and manifestations that are not in alignment with their highest goals.

We are energetic beings, and energy is as physical as a table or a chair. Energy occupies space. So when you clear energy, you make room for new, better-feeling, higher-vibrational energies to come in and take the place of what you have cleared.

Energy Healing Sessions help facilitate the alignments required for us to operate in the higher vibrational octaves of experience.  All sessions are a form of distant healing and are given by phone, Zoom. or Whats Ap.  The client brings an intention into the session with 2 – 3 issues/challenges and their goals.  Once we are connected I will create a safe space for the session.  The client will talk about their issues/intentions, while I read their energy field as it is currently presenting.

Energy frequencies are cleared that are not in alignment with your highest goals and intentions, creating more space for what you are wanting.  I’ll provide some insight and energy healing as is appropriate, and attune your energy field to a higher vibration.

From this higher level of alignment one experiences a healing.  They may feel different energetically, have more clarity, find that something has healed physically, experience a shift in their perception, and see new levels of freedom and choice.   

Sessions can be helpful in many ways  ~

  • If you are feeling overwhelmed and fearful
  • If you are feeling stuck
  • Working with emotions
  • Healing trauma
  • Transforming Health Issues
  • If a pattern keeps repeating and you don’t know how to transform it
  • For empaths and sensitives – learning to identify and work with the triggers that make living in today’s world so challenging
  • Finding and standing in your power
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Making new agreements
  • Overcoming Addictions unhelpful behaviors
  • Learning and practicing discernment
  • Re-patterning the past
  • Learning about frequency and the benefits of holding a high vibration regardless of the circumstances
  • Creating coherence
  • Obstacles in Love
  • Relationships
  • Work and Career
  • Finances


Energy Healing Sessions ~

Schedule an Energy Healing Session

150.00 US for a one hour session. 

After making your purchase, send me an e-mail at brookeleclaire@gmail.com.  Please include your email address, and the times and days that work best for you.  It would be helpful to use the same email address and name you used for the PayPal payment, or to notify me if it is different.   I will reply by email to set up our session!


Look/See Mini Session ~

These are a mini version of the Quantum Healing Sessions.  In 30 minutes or less, I will look clairvoyantly at a single issue that you would like help with. I’ll shift the energy and communicate with you as I do.

These Mini sessions are perfect in a variety of ways:
  • If you have a single issue that you want some help with
  • If you’re on a budget
  • You haven’t tried my sessions before, and would like to sample the work before you invest in a full session.
  • As a gift
  • You are concerned with social distancing, and a phone/distance healing feels safe
$77.00 US  ~  

After you have made your purchase, you may send an e-mail to me at brookeleclaire@gmail.com with your email address, and the times and days that work best for you.   I will get a notification, and contact you by email to create our session!


Creating Spaces ~ Attunements

Attunements for Clearing and Healing homes, offices, and all of your spaces 

$150.00 US for a one hour session.


Every space carries thought forms, which are vibrational blueprints that hold instructions for manifesting reality.

There is a predominate vibrational blueprint that influences each space.  Thought forms leave a residue, so when the predominate energy conflicts with you in your alignment – you will feel uncomfortable.  As more people are waking up, their sensitivity is increasing.  They are noticing and feeling things that they haven’t in the past, and it’s becoming more important to find the tools to work with that.

These sessions help you to create a space that is peaceful, supportive and cohesive in a way that nurtures you. If you are in a life transition, looking to shift old and outdated patterns, interested in creating new energetics that support you in a positive growth forward, or wanting to create an environment that supports your intention and highest life – try a session to re-create your space! Read more and book a session.


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Sessions

Book a session in the Boulder office

Mondays and Tuesdays $125.00 US


Few systems have as much impact on the human body as the Craniosacral system. It protects and nourishes the brain and spinal cord, and affects nearly every aspect of central nervous system performance. That’s why Craniosacral Therapy is so critical to your healthcare.

Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy is on the cutting edge as far as energy medicine is concerned.This gentle therapy encourages the entire energy system of the client to present new levels of order and healing in the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

With that in mind, it becomes a helpful tool for many areas including:  physical ailments, stress  and/or trauma release, emotional healing, and releasing limitations on any level of the body/mind/emotion and nervous systems  while creating new levels of freedom and health. Read more and book a session.


Gift Certificates

Available for all of the sessions listed above.  Ask me about the details!

email:  brookeleclaire@gmail.com


Videos on Meditation/Youthing and Becoming Quantum Course

These tools will help you to find your true connection with self and spirit. They will help you in creating peace for yourself, by shifting emotional states and releasing blocked energy. They will help you to manage your own energy and your relationship to the energies of others around you. Practicing these tools over time will increase your awareness, and help you to connect with higher realms of information, love, and support. This greater awareness will also help you to find your own answers within.  Read more here


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Thank you for visiting Brooke LeClaire Healing!


“I am benefiting from Brooke’s wonderful healings and teaching.  Her purity allows her to employ guidance and assistance from the “entities” plus other spiritual beings which amplifies the work.  She has become a great and trusted ally in my quest for improved health and spiritual growth.  She has an extraordinary ability to be genuine as she tunes into her client’s issues and essence on many levels.  Her work is profound.”  Irene

“Brooke is an incredibly effective and intuitive healer that has helped me in the realms of health, emotion and spirit. Her readings are accurate and can be felt from a distance. Not only have I received clarity about past issues and my future plans, but she has also taught me how to tune into my own intuition and receive messages. I feel grateful I can consult Brooke for guidance during my times of transition or when I am facing challenges. I feel truly uplifted by the clarity I gain at the end of our sessions.” Masha

Brooke’s healings are exquisite.  She had dedicated a life time to healing and I have truly felt the effects of  it.   My body and mind seem more aligned with my heart and soul.”  Leigh

“Brooke’s session helped me to connect in with myself, to relax into a healing space.  I felt seen and extremely validated.  Her work helps bring more awareness and presence into my life.”  Mary 

“I had the wonderful opportunity to go down to Brazil with Brooke as my guide in the spring of 2015.  It was my intention to focus on completing some deep healing work at the Casa.  She was able to adjust to my needs and make accommodations that made the trip exactly what I wanted.  I highly recommend using Broke as a guide.  She was an amazing host and leader during my trip.  She has extensive training and experience and I trust her knowledge and support.  Thanks Brooke for making the trip such a memorable experience!”  Ashley

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