Animal Communication

When I was growing up, animals were my world! My father was a veterinarian, and I spent my days going on calls with him, talking and playing with animals. It was so natural to me that I thought everyone could do it!

Animal communication is the best way to acquire insights into your animal’s thoughts and feelings. It is especially useful when there are challenges physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, or if you are looking to create a stronger bond with your pet.

I translate the thoughts, feelings and wisdom of your animal friends, so you can resolve pet problems and create more peace, harmony and understanding at home.

Animal communication can be helpful for:

  • Pet behavior Issues
  • Pet Health Issues
  • Life Changes/Transitions –
    • If you are thinking about introducing a new pet into your pet family.
    • Helping you to choose an additional pet that would fit best with your pet family
    • When there’s a change in the dynamic between the humans (someone new joins or leaves the family)
    • Helping a sensitive pet to regain their balance when there is a high level of turmoil or household stress
  • Pet Trauma
  • End of Life Issues
  • Grief / Bereavement
  • Deceased Pet Communication
  • Deepening your bonds with your animal companions
  • Learning about your agreements with your pet

What to expect with an animal communication session:

The goal of the session is to give your animal friends a voice so we can find mutually beneficial resolutions to any challenges you may be experiencing and bring more peace, harmony and understanding into your lives.

I will reach out to set up pre-session consult before the session occurs to clarify intentions for the animal communication.

During the session I connect with your animal friend telepathically – we do not need to be physically in the same place to do that. I usually use a photo of your pet to connect with them. I then relay what they share with me.

This is an interactive experience, and I will ask questions as it is appropriate. It’s also helpful if the animal owners write down any questions they have for their animal friends ahead of time. You’ll get more out of the session when you bring your curiosity! Animals are usually very interested to engage with their humans in this way.

With information from the animal’s point of view, resolution can be quick, easy and permanent. When you understand how things are for them and why, your animals are noticeably relieved and can let go of. Animals have the most interesting things to say when we give them the space to express themselves! And your relationship has the potential to grow in ways that bring you both deeper into your hearts.

Sometimes energetic blocks show up in the animal’s system from physical or emotional trauma that can be released using energy healing. Similar to humans, when animals have negative or traumatic experiences, the experience can get stuck in their energy. The energy technique I use creates balance and flow which are the foundations of well-being, and you can often see the change immediately in your pet.

Animal communication is a magical journey, and I’m happy to share it with you!