Higher Octave Heart Creation

Energies are coming in that are asking us to let go. Everywhere you look, old structures are breaking down. Systems are no longer working, and the environment of the world is changing drastically. We are beginning to see things with a new level of clarity. And as we see things more clearly, one of the tendencies of the collective is to point out what isn’t working, while clinging to the old and familiar ways.

I’m seeing a message repeated over and over by various awakened souls. They say that in the bigger picture, humanity has gone as far as it could in the old paradigm. To continue further without change would lead to our extinction. We are all shifting, whether we are doing this consciously or not. Some of the advantages of doing it consciously is that it gives us choice, leads us to self-empowerment and creates a relationship with new levels of support from our higher power. The other way is much harder…

We are being asked to find the strength to let go of what is familiar, to let go of attachments, and to let go of any part of ourselves that is invested in the idea of separation. We are stripping away the egoic self, layer by layer, as we become our higher selves. As we do this – we will encounter our survival instincts, limiting thoughts, judgements and beliefs. Light workers are already doing this – and we will continue to tap into the deeper layers of our subconscious. The deeply held unconscious programs that mis-create in our lives are coming up to be transformed.

Consciousness of humanity is starting to shift, and one of the ways to see this is through becoming aware of outdated forms of consciousness, and how they present. Older forms of consciousness are very militaristic and authoritative. The Moto is “don’t let the troops, or the children, or the citizens think for themselves, because if they do – there will be rebellion.” Separation is a theme, along with a need for everyone to be alike and fit into the frameworks that have been labeled as ‘correct’.

A predominate thought In the old energy consciousness is that it’s best to keep a lid on the thinking of the masses. In the military it’s worked well to fight battles. The soldiers listen to and act on commands. They are not encouraged to think for themselves. They don’t want free thinkers, rather they want those who will obey without question. That’s how you fight battles… Divide and conquer.

And if you think about it, so much of our lives have been battles. We battle each other, country to country, religion to religion, thought to thought, group to group, corporation to corporation, it has all been a battle. That is changing.

The whole idea of competing thought is changing. We are beginning to have a confluence of energy that shifts competition and separation into working together. If you stop the concept of true competition where the winner takes all; that changes our government, corporations, and product competition.

The new energies that are coming together create more than the sum, and there’s added energy with compassion. In a new, more compassionate paradigm there is no fear of rebellion. Rather, the more we come together in cooperation, the higher the consciousness becomes on the planet, and the better we do. Free thinkers are welcome in the new paradigm. Cooperation, along with thinking outside of the box, creates new opportunities in every aspect – from the practicalities of simply getting along to sharing resources.

So how do we have more compassion and create together?

By each of us doing the work needed on ourselves individually… By being honest about where we are out of alignment and transforming that. We become alchemists – consciously bringing love and consciousness into our perceived separation, wounds and shadows. As we embrace ourselves fully, we are raising our vibration and shifting into the higher dimensions.

Through the process of loving ourselves, our hearts open and a higher octave energy is created. That connection links us to higher levels of support. The more we cultivate this relationship, the higher our vibration becomes. We emanate this higher frequency vibration throughout our being, and we channel the higher octave energy in everything we do – raising our thoughts, words, and actions to higher levels. This is then mirrored back to us in our external world. Embodiment changes everything!

Sources ~ Lee Carroll and Daniel Scranton

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