The Sacred Geometry of December 2019

The sacred geometry configuration of this month is profound. December’s full moon (called the Cold Moon) will be at its peak on 12/12 at 12:12. Twelve has significance when it comes to our relative understanding of space and time. There are 12 months in a year, and our days are split in two groups of 12 hours. In numerology the number 12 also represents a 3 (1+2=3), which is known as a catalyst for change.

Additionally; during this 12th month of December, the Solstice is on the 21st of the month, of the year 2019 (2+0+1+9=12). So we have a 12/21/12 gateway that breaks down to a 9 (1+2+2+1+1+2=9). Nine represents the end of a cycle in many systems. Nine 9 also contains within it 3 x’s 3 (3+3+3=9)

As we begin to understand sacred geometry, we see fractals and repeating patterns that collaborate, and have many deeper levels of meaning. Here are some of the relationships of the coming weeks.

Spiritually, the Winter Solstice is known as a time meant to reflect and recreate ourselves. And the solstice itself is a representation of personal awakening. This year the Universe is gifting us with the 9 energy of endings and letting go during this juncture. We can work with the momentum of the 9 energy of endings to release limitations: like an outdated pattern, addiction or belief system.

The energy of the entire month of December supports us in change. And the portal of the Solstice offers support around recreating ourselves, or transforming lower energies into their higher values.

In the higher octaves, the vibration of the 9 brings a protective energy of great power and love into our experience. Its’ themes are wisdom, selflessness, compassion and responsibility. The ultimate goal of the number 9 is to serve humanity.

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