The Love Codes

One of the most transformative forces in our world is feminine energy, deeply associated with love, and often recognized as the Mother and Goddess. Before the world changed, this was the energy that life was based on.

The goddess culture understood things… Such as abstract thinking, the power of birth, cyclical time, personal cycles, and that everything is alive and significant (including plants, animals, and the elements of earth air, fire, water, and ether). The culture understood that the invisible ether was filled with spirits and energy. They understood the feminine principle and believed that God was in all things.

When the knowledge of cyclical living began to change, people lost touch with the significance of life. They forgot about the spiritual seasons, and that life has purpose. The demise of goddess knowledge and the rise in power of the male vibration in the last two thousand years are what have led to linear thinking, reinforcing the concept ‘that nothing is really connected.’

Because life comes from women, the experiences of the ancestors echo down through time and are imprinted into the cells of the child. 2,000 years later we are a product of the fear stored in our cells. Our history is filled with fighting, savagery, hardships, and life after life of loss – and all of that resides in our cellular structure.

There are powerful energies being transmuted at this time, and they are helping to re-activate our ancient coding. We are being given an opportunity to remember an ancient way of being – before the fear and linearity became the way of life; of being connected to source, having the heart and mind connected, and living the experience that everything is connected…

Our great solution is to love ourselves, and to vibrate that frequency outside of ourselves. Doing so will open many doors, and many unwanted probabilities will pass by because they are not a match to the frequency.

Everything you do, in every moment of your life produces a frequency. We are designed to be frequency generators, and our emotions are the key…

You have feeling about everything whether you want to admit them or not. Even though many of you never express your feelings, they still exist in a pattern, stored in our cells, just as they were in the lives of our ancestors. The patterns radiate out from us in electromagnetic waves that call to us what we put out. We are all connected to something bigger than ourselves.

We have a recurring opportunity now to transform our fears into Love, and to step into our power. These waves of the Divine feminine are here to help us to do that very thing!

Love from the inside is essential to achieve this shift. Watch as the feminine continues to rise on the planet and balances take place.

We have now passed into the fifth dimension, which facilitates us in reuniting the multidimensional aspects of ourselves. It is also shifting us into spiral time, where energies come back around, allowing us to see forward and backwards on the timeline with much more clarity. In spiral time-space you can see as if it just happened; that’s the reason that you can have no more secrets.

All these things that were hidden not so long ago are starting to be uncovered. It is about being able to see in circular time, having a new vision, then calling into action what is right and what is wrong. Spiral times pace offers a different perspective and various points of perception, along withnew abilities and opportunities. Because of that, you can jump from one level to the next. That is simply not possible with linear time…

Most people have no clue yet. Although they can feel something’s different, they still wake up and live their third dimensional selves. They follow the third dimensional rules, which don’t work the same way now.

In spiral time space, everyone is starting to see things differently. And although the spiral time space was always there, our frequency has now reached a level of vibration where we can perceive it.

With this new perception, you may begin stepping out of the density of the game. You’ll be changing your own abilities within your physical body, and over time, you’ll be losing excess density. We still have free choice, so there will be those who choose not to shift for one reason or the other.

However, those of you who wish to, will be moving into higher vibrational bodies. You may extend your life substantially without the density. As the Earth goes through her changes, you’ll be in a different position to observe and play that new game that’s forming on planet Earth right now.

The energies of the feminine/goddess/Love are allowing us to better connect our heart and mind. For those who choose to integrate, we will balance the female and male principles within.

This leads to evolution, new ideas and ways of doing things, working backwards and forwards, calling in different aspects of ourselves, and having a larger perspective through it all. Eventually humans will evolve to the point at which they integrate and establish peace throughout their spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical bodies.

Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the Universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.

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