Distant Healing with JOG

Hello everyone!

I’ve changed the name of my website. Nosso Lar Healing will be defunct in a few weeks, and the new name is:

Brooke LeClaire Healing

Future Blog posts will reflect the update!

As I make my way back to Brazil, I am offering an opportunity for anyone to receive a free healing from John of God and the Casa de dom Ignacio.

Distant healing for yourself, family and friends can occur in two different ways

Healing Triangle

The Healing triangle is a direct portal to the Entities where you can put a note or a photo into the triangle. It is a wonderful resource for communicating your hopes, needs and prayers to the entities, or to ask for help for pets and loved ones.

There are currently three Healing triangles at the Casa. One is on the front wall of the stage in the main hall, another in the chapel in the back garden, and a third on the back wall of the Intervention room facing the chapel. The bases of the triangles are often stuffed with notes and photographs, and over the years millions of people have had amazing results.

Anyone’s photo may be placed in one of the Healing triangles at the Casa; including pets, children, and loved ones. If they don’t have a specific request, this can be used as a blessing, to help anyone in their highest good.

This service is free!

Distant Healing with JOG

I can take your photo personally to John of God (JOG). At the time of the photo presentation, JOG will give me a prescription for blessed herbs, and the person in the photo will receive a healing in that moment. I will fill the prescription at the Casa, then the blessed herbs will be transported back to the USA for mailing (The mail system in Brazil is unreliable and many things have gotten lost through the years, so this has become our best alternative.)Everyone receives the same kind of herbs called “Passiflora”, or ground up passion flower leaves. However, each bottle is energized by the entity specifically to meet the needs of the individual in the photo.

There is a dietary/alcohol restriction while you take the blessed herbs… If the person having their photo presented does not want to follow the diet/alcohol restrictions, their photo can be placed into one of the Healing triangles instead.

Here is a link for the details of a photo presentation: http://brookeleclairehealing.com/distant-healings/.The web page will provide the specifics around the diet while taking the herbs, and present more clarity around the process of having a Distant Healing with John Of God.

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