Join me for a Transformational journey to John of God

For over 50 years, people from all over the world have traveled to a small city called Abadiania, in the heart of Brazil to visit John of God at the Casa Dom Inacio People come to JOG for many different reasons They may be healing an illness, in the process of releasing trauma, or consciously shifting limiting beliefs/patterns A lot of people who visit JOG are striving to develop their mediumship and grow spiritually Currently, over eight and a half million people have received healing from John of God, who is known as one of the most powerful healers in the world!

The energy of Abadiania is unlike any other I’ve experienced. The Casa itself operates on many different levels, and it is a portal of elevated energy of pure unconditional love and consciousness. A well known saying is that “the veils are thin in Abadiania.” Over time, I’ve come to realize that the portal heightens our connection to Source and pure unconditional Love in a such a way that we can embody it.. And that changes us profoundly.

The process is different than what we know in many of our cultures The Casa recognizes that true and permanent healing takes place when you create balanced healing at all levels The belief is that all of our issues are spiritual in nature Any (health) problems, no matter what form they take or whatever name they have been given, are caused by a lack of harmony, past or present imbalances, and unresolved issues in the emotional body In order to heal the body we must first heal the deep-seated feelings that cause the disturbances. When harmony in the emotional body is restored, the body will align easily and the healing we seek will become permanent.

The entire Casa experience is designed for self inquiry, so that we can connect with those parts of ourselves that no longer serve, and use the elevated levels of love, support, and wisdom of the high vibrational energy to help us transform and heal

It is common for visitors of the Casa to have a feeling of being deeply loved and supported The heightened energy may give someone hope, or boost their confidence in believing that they can make the change they are wanting even though previous efforts failed It could lovingly show them a blind spot that needs to shift in order for them to move forward in their goals And many find that they have finally opened their heart enough to forgive who and what they weren’t willing to before – because they realize that in holding onto the un-forgiveness they are only holding themselves back

The inner work is ours alone We must make space for our miracle, and we need to be able to receive As we become truly present with what needs to heal within ourselves, come to a place of surrender, and allow Grace to transform us – the changes we are wanting can be manifested

The energy of unconditional love and high consciousness that permeates the Casa, helps us to lift up higher and more quickly than we could alone; helping us to believe until our faith is strong enough..

Coincidences are common, and we get “help” from beyond the veil at every turn – whether that’s through a synchronistic conversation with someone, an inner guidance, or even a dream during the night. As we sit in current, or rest after a spiritual intervention, we are able to receive love and healing on levels that are deeper than most of us have ever known.

There is a benevolent energy of pure consciousness just waiting for us to connect with. As we go within and think higher thoughts, we begin to connect with the higher forces in the Universe. And as our minds create an affinity with the higher planes, we begin to attract greater light and grace into our lives.

As you become aware of the things that have troubled you, you discover that hidden beneath your emotional reactions have been crystals of pain that have been buried. And as you move these crystals of pain up into the daylight where you can look at them, you find the origin of the pain, and you begin to see how you have been wounded And as you release this wound and forgive it, you recover a part of your whole self.

As you continue in your examination, day after day and year after year, you become aware that there are things in your life that have repeatedly troubled you. And that gives you the hint as to why you are here. For each human being comes into incarnation with an incarnational plan. It is not a plan that is predestined. It is a very flexible, changeable plan.

-RA, The Law Of One

Not only does your trip benefit you, it helps others too ~

You have all come here to clear energies that prevent you from reaching a higher vibration, and a greater level of enjoyment. Each time you clear old energy or heal an old emotional pattern, you create openings for new and expanded energies to come in. In addition, the clearing provides a release for everyone on the planet. Each of you holds a different piece of group consciousness that you volunteered to clear for humanity and for the planet. This is an important task, and it is time to recognize it.

~ Adama

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