Winter Solstice

Before the world changed, our lives followed cyclical time. Our ancestors understood the connection between all things. They lived their lives according to patterns and cycles. The Winter Solstice is a celebration of one of these cycles; representing the longest hours of darkness and the rebirth of the sun.

Each year, the Winter Solstice falls a few days before Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This isn’t just a fun coincidence; in fact, there’s a much deeper meaning there This event is referred to as the day of “Yule,” marking the birth of the new solar year. It’s the shortest day of the year and the longest night. It was believed that on this day, the moon would give birth to the sun. This is where most of it’s spiritual significance lies.

When religion was created somewhere between 4,000 – 5,200 years ago, this symbol of birth was made to represent the birth of Jesus. In fact, most of the customs, symbols, and rituals associated with Christmas are actually linked to Winter Solstice celebrations.

it is believed that humans have been on earth somewhere between 100,000 – 200,000 years; so before the advent of religion, the birth at the time of the Solstice was symbolic of the birth of the Spiritual Sun within. It was a time of recognition that we are not separate from the Creator. In fact, the Winter Solstice was a time for people to reaffirm the knowledge that we are Divine beings

Winter solstice is a time of quiet energy, asking us to be patient, silent, and to wait. Nature itself is asking us all to slow down, rest, and enjoy the warmth in the sheltered comfort of our homes. Even animals know this, as they go into hibernation for the winter.

The solstice is essentially tied to a personal awakening. One of the most important spiritual meanings of the Winter Solstice is that it is a time meant to reflect and recreate yourself.

One way to honor the equinox on December 21st, is to lean into the darkness by enjoying the silence it brings and going within yourself to find your own unique light. Since the days grow shorter and the night grows longer, the Winter Solstice isn’t about having more light, rather it’s about carrying it within yourself, in the way that resonates for you.

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