She looked at her old life one more time
Took a deep breath and whispered
I will never see you again

Are you familiar with the words Misogyny or Misogynistic?

Misogyny is defined as the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against women or girls. It manifests in numerous ways, including social exclusion, sex discrimination, hostility, patriarchy, male privilege, belittling of women, disenfranchisement of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification. It’s about controlling and punishing women who challenge male dominance. Misogyny rewards women who reinforce the status quo and punishes those who don’t.

One can typically see misogynistic behavior as a hostility towards women who violate patriarchal norms and expectations, who aren’t serving male interests in the ways they’re expected to. So there’s a judgement that women are doing something wrong: that they’re morally objectionable, have a bad attitude, they’re abrasive, or too pushy.

Misogyny is the law enforcement branch of patriarchy. It’s the law that polices and punishes women who transgress or threaten dominant men. Most of us are embedded in a Patriarchal culture. We internalize the social customs that define that culture — and thus perpetuate it. In most cases, misogynists are not aware of their underlying beliefs about women, as the conditioning starts in childhood. But we’re all implicated, even if we’re not aware of it.

I grew up in an area of the USA that was predominantly misogynistic. That Patriarchal conditioning or programing was reflected all throughout our culture, enhanced by the small town we lived in, and amplified by my personal lineage. I first became aware of this at a very young age, when I realized that not only were there separate rules for my brother because he was older, but there were additional limitations placed on me because I was a girl. It was clearly implied that there were different expectations for girls, and that I would never be allowed to do certain things that my brother could. There was more leeway and freedom given to the males of the family, and a major component of the female role was to support men and the elders. The women in my family would continually neglect their needs, wants and desires in order to serve this programming, and then suffer greatly for it

In a misogynistic relationship, the man is always dominant and in control. The woman must be passive if she wants things to run smoothly. This works for some women, if it is their nature – but for others, it is quite damaging. This type of relationship doesn’t allow for the woman to have her power or express her views (especially if they are contradictory) without consequences. There is no room for co-creating an equal relationship of partnership in this type of dynamic Donald Trump, the current president of the USA , is often labeled as a misogynist His attitude of prejudice and hostility towards women is frequently documented, and he offers a clear example the misogynistic distortion of the Old Energy Paradigm.

The New Energy Paradigm is gaining momentum and the ME TOO movement is the first World wide presentation of this.

Earth is in a new place in the Universe, a location no human has ever witnessed. Additionally, the Sun is emitting energy that can be easily measured. Science supports both of these points as fact. And from a Spiritual perspective, mystics have known for eons that the sun emits light encoded frequencies. These frequencies carry codes that are being downloaded to the entire collective. Whether people know it or believe it, the light is sending information to all of humanity. One of the results of this new coded frequency is the ME TOO movement. We are witnessing women who have been paralyzed into silence speaking out for the first time. Inertia that has been in place for ages is finding movement. Understandings that seemed to be just out of grasp are finding their grounding. Women are stepping into their power! This is the first big wave of the New Energy Paradigm presenting that will eventually create a balanced dynamic between male and female energies – shifting the collective consciousness and entire way of living.

As awakening women, we are now given the task of stepping into our power and creating self mastery within. Whether the programming of misogyny has played an important role in your life thus far, or you are coming into your power from another angle, I am offering a Quantum Healing special to help people step out of old limitations, and into their rightful power. Many of us are also tasked with healing our lineage, and may even have agreements to heal this for the collective.. It can seem like a daunting task!

In the new energy paradigm, we are setting the intention to step into our power from a place of creating balance within our male and female aspects, so that we can create a New Paradigm between male and female energies within the entire collective.

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