Levels within the Stages of a Soul’s Evolution

The 35 Steps

We are here to know ourselves and be all we can be, step by step. Last month, I wrote about the 5 stages that the soul passes through in spiritual evolution.  This month, I will explain about the 7 levels within each stage.  According to the teachings of Michael, there are 35 steps to the reincarnational process. The body and personality you have now are merely the vehicles you have chosen for this latest step in your journey.

The seven levels within each stage

Within each stage there are seven distinct levels to go through, so in each stage we proceed from 1st level to 7th level. Each stage of reincarnation has seven distinct learning levels.  For example, we begin the whole journey at level 1 as Infant souls, learn that lesson, then undertake level 2 as Infant souls, and so on. On completing the 7th level of the Infant stage, we then begin the 1st level of the Baby stage and so on…The early levels in any stage are about experiencing life at this new stage of evolution, learning the essential lessons through appropriate experiences.

The later levels are about expressing those lessons, demonstrating this degree of consciousness in action.

For example, in the Young soul stage, the first three levels — from 1st level Young soul to 3rd level Young soul — are about discovering the meaning of free will and self-determination; the last three levels — 5th level Young soul to 7th level Young soul — are about demonstrating the meaning of free will and self-determination in action. (The middle step — 4th level Young soul — is about consolidating the lessons learned.)

The first level of any stage is like putting a toe in the water, and the final step is like teaching others how to swim:


The lessons at each level:


1st Level  Initiation into the new stage. Toe in the water. First glimpses of the new consciousness.
2nd Level  Building foundations. Wading in and out. Compare and contrast the old and new consciousness.
3rd Level  Taking the plunge. Letting go of the prior stage. Actively exploring the new consciousness.
4th Level  Relaxing into it, enjoying the water. Identification with this stage. Internal integration of the new consciousness.
5th Level  Splashing about. “Look at me!” Going public with it. Expressing this level of consciousness.
6th Level  Responsible swimming. Burning off any karma incurred. Harmonisation one’s consciousness with others.
7th Level Mastery of consciousness at this level. Role model. Peak performance. What’s next?

This sequence of seven steps is repeated through each stage, making 35 steps in all from the beginning of reincarnation to the end.

Here are some examples of famous names in their various stages of evolution.  These names have been compiled from various sources, and are the opinions of others’ who have studied the work; so please use your own discretion as you read the list…

— B A B Y   S O U L S —  

1st Level (There aren’t very many famous early baby souls.)
2nd Level
3rd Level
4th Level
5th Level Adolf Hitler
6th Level Dick Cheney, Ayatollah Khomeini
7th Level Richard Nixon, Jerry Falwell, Sarah Palin [or possibly 1st-level Young]


— Y O U N G   S O U L S —

1st Level Jim Bakker, Tammy Fae Bakker
2nd Level Niccolò Machiavelli, Henry IV (King of England)
3rd Level George W. Bush, John Calvin, Ivan IV, “The Terrible” (Tsar of Russia)
4th Level Ronald Reagan, Catherine the Great (Empress of Russia), St. Dominic, George Frideric Handel, Frédéric Chopin
5th Level Hillary Clinton, Silvestre Reyes (US Senator)
6th Level Oliver Cromwell, Charles I (King of England), Claudius (Emperor of Rome), Susan B Anthony (19C feminist)
7th Level Jon Stewart, Aleister Crowley, Peter the Great (Emperor of Russia), John Glenn (astronaut)


— M A T U R E   S O U L S — 


1st Level Joseph Lieberman, Elizabeth Cady Stanton (19C feminist)
2nd Level John Lennon, Princess Diana, Tzu-Hsi (last Empress of China)
3rd Level W. A. Mozart, Desmond Tutu, Dale Carnegie 
From here on, the the arts and philosophy frequently serve as vehicles for soul-searching and self-examination as souls proceed through the Mature stage. 
4th Level Michelle Obama, Stephen Colbert, Richard Wagner, Jean Sibelius, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Giuseppe Verdi, Vincent van Gogh, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Michelangelo, Miguel de Cervantes, W.B. Yeats, Rumi, Leonard Cohen, T.S. Eliot, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Virginia Woolf, Anaïs Nin, Victor Hugo, Anne Rice, Plato
5th Level Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Joni Mitchell, Sandro Botticelli, Sergei Prokofiev, Giacomo Puccini, Louis XIV (King of France), Charles II (King of England), Richard III (King of England), William Shakespeare, Sam Neill
6th Level Prince William, Pope Paul VI, Joseph Merrick (“the Elephant Man”), Anwar Sadat, Franklin D. Roosevelt
7th Level Judi Dench, Andrew Cohen, Ralph Nader, Jacques Cousteau, Victor Frankl, Monty Roberts (horse whisperer) 
Barack Obama has been variously given as 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th level Mature. 

— O L D   S O U L S —

The arts continue to attract Old souls in the early levels, but there is a growing emphasis on discovering one’s path to self-actualisation and self-transcendence as an individual expression of something greater.


1st Level Christian Slater, Tommy Lee Jones, Gene Hackman, Carlos Castaneda, Andrew Weil, Igor Stravinsky, Robert A. Heinlein, Sarah Chambers (channel for the Michael teachings)
2nd Level Whoopie Goldberg, Don Beck, Robert Redford, Eric Clapton, Robin Williams, James Taylor, J.S. Bach, Lorenzo de’Medici
3rd Level Harrison Ford, Arthur C. Clarke, Ludwig van Beethoven, Clare Graves
4th Level Ken Wilber, Paul Gauguin, Walt Whitman, William Blake, Mark Twain, Alice Walker, Pema Chodron 
From here, the expression of spiritual connectedness becomes more central and more explicit. 
5th Level Carl Jung, Leonardo da Vinci, Ken Keyes, Pope John XXIII
6th Level Alice Miller, Thich Nhat Hanh, Krishnamurti, Gangaji, Ammachi
7th Level Ramana Maharshi, Anandamayima, Osho, Neem Karoli Baba

We start our evolutionary journey at level 1 of stage I (as “1st Level Infant souls”) and end it at level 7 of stage 5 (as “7th Level Old souls”).

As you look at the personalities that have influenced our histories and our lives from this perspective – you may get an idea where the soul was in their developmental stage.  And if you refer back to last month’s blog, you will remember that at each stage of evolution, the perception of a soul is focused differently.

A young soul would be developing on an egoic and competitive level, whereas a mature soul would have already focused on those lessons.  The mature soul would now be working on ego-transcendence and understanding the deeper meaning of life.  This can lend insight as to the differing agendas and beliefs of various figures and the groups of people that resonate with them…

Collectively, as well as personally, it’s clear that change is needed. The problems that we face as a society are seemingly getting even more out of hand.  Yet we can also accept the truth that if we want to see anything change, it must begin in the place where we can actually make it – within each one of us, individually.

For many who are spiritually oriented, the Casa is a wonderful resource for creating positive change. The Entities can actually help in accelerating the soul’s growth; allowing people to raise their consciousness while shifting their perspective – in order to better “shine their light”, live their soul’s purpose, and help others to do the same.

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  1. how do i know exactly which soul age i am? i believe i could be an old soul stage 3 or 4 but i would like toi know with certainty

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