Holding a New Frequency

Starseeds are the first group to wake up to their full light and multidimensional potential, and they are here to establish a new 5D timeline-matrix. They do this through holding a new frequency on the earth. Last month, I wrote about the common signs of a Starseed, so you may want to read that post before you continue further. Here’s a link:

When a Starseed is asleep they are not really contributing to the 5D timeline, but once they wake up, then the frequencies shift up the scale and they can look and feel like a completely new person. This waking up process is often scheduled ahead of time, and a certain scenario will be set up to trigger the awakening process. It is not uncommon for Starseeds to wake up through a traumatic period of some kind. The awaking period can be a confusing and chaotic time while the old life is leaving and the new has not yet begun. After the awakening has happened, a period of adjustment is needed for the Starseed to feel ready to get on track with their mission.

The mission of the Starseed may fall into six different areas:

Light workers and Healers

These are the people interested in ascension and enlightenment practises such as connecting with the HS, angels and guides. They are into channelling, awakening the light-body, DNA activation and connecting with the Planetary Grids and the Cosmic Christ. They are interested in various forms of energy healing, and can be found in most spiritual groups and spiritual centers.

Earth workers and Bodyworkers

This group are into sacred sites, ley-lines, permaculture and earth healing in a big way. They are often into communities and living off-grid. You can find many at the various summer festivals with drumming, dancing and various creative pursuits. You may find these traveling around different communities checking out how others are living closer to the land. Another sub-group are into working magically with nature spirits and elementals. In this group are those working with the body – bodyworkers, dancers and martial artists.

System Busters

These are the ones that go into a system to eventually break ranks and reveal some of the hidden ways of that system. This is a challenging role since many get prosecuted and even imprisoned. Yet this is a very effective way to bring about meaningful change especially with the huge impact of the internet and social media. A few examples of Starseed whilstleblowers are: Julian Assange (Wikileaks), Edward Snowden (NSA) and Corey Goode (US Military Secret Space Program).

Technical Innovators

There are many Starseeds coming in now whose focus is scientific advancement and technical innovation. An example of a Starseed who had this focus is Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was a visionary and a creative genius and he left behind a legacy that changed the computer, music, film and wireless industries.

There are many more souls of his caliber incarnating now and further along the 5D timeline. As we move further along this higher frequency timeline there will be an acceleration of our ability to access higher forms of technology. This will effect the way we live on earth forever. Starseeds have already shifted areas such as communications and many are interested in developing free energy technology. Already we are living in a global Village where we can all connect if we have access to the internet. There is much work that needs to be done to clean up the planet. As we go further into 5D we will find ways to bring our need for technological development together with building a safe and sustainable planet.

Dark Arts Practitioners

This is a rather specialized group and its main purpose is to neutralize and redeem the ‘dark’ forces on the planet. The dark is comprised of those souls who have volunteered to play for the side hindering and blocking spiritual awakening.

(It should be noted that many Starseeds have other lifetime experiences of incarnating into the dark). Those in this group are mostly souls who have incarnated here a number of times to get a feel for the 3D Matrix. As with any of the other groups you know if this work is calling you. Perhaps you have encountered the dark in this life and by necessity feel drawn to the work. Often those drawn to psychic self- defense are in this group. Astral interference, dark entities in the energy fields, negative cords, negative portals as well as contracts/vows with the ‘dark’ made in other lifetimes are often cleared with the help of the Dark Arts Practicioners. 

Soul Awakeners

There have been many who have come here to awaken us from our slumber of 3D living. Many great spiritual teachers such as The Buddha and The Christ were Starseeds of a very high vibration. Starseeds in this group include artists and musicians. Advance guard members of this group include the composer Motzart and the painter Chagall. More contemporary Starseeds include musicians David Bowie, John Lennon, George Harrison and Bob Marley who have opened many up of us to a new way of living and loving. Many soul awakeners are parents of Starseeds who are guiding these new souls as they grow in light and wisdom. There are many spiritual teachers on the planet now who are here to wake up Starseeds to their true multidimensional potential. This work only begins once the Starseed has awoken and integrated the high frequencies of this process in their energy fields. This is not a mission that can be rushed.

You may belong to more than one of the groups mentioned but one will tend to be a primary focus. The awakening process usually begins with a certain discontent with your existing life or trajectory. This may lead to yearnings to know yourself more deeply, to live a more authentic life, to make certain changes that may feel radical but necessary. It often involves a clean break from an old life that can include a stepping away from a relationship or line of work. The process may put you in a sort of void where you are waiting (indefinitely) to move forward. This is a bit like the caterpillar waiting in the chrysalis for the time of awakening to approach.

When the awakening happens you start to move towards a new phase of life where you feel increasingly drawn to people and situations that are more firmly anchored on the 5D love-unity timeline.

Starseeds intuitively know:

We are multidimensional spiritual beings

We have experienced many worlds/dimensions of existence

We are high frequency beings of light

Our true nature is love and unity consciousness

We feel different and we are

This 3D dimension is not our natural home

We are here for a reason, some kind of mission

We are supported by something vast, conscious and benevolent

The world is going through a huge transition

This transition involves a massive 5D shift in consciousness
*Source – Steve Noble

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