Going Within ~ The next phase

There have been constant floods of Energy transmissions for months now, and they have been increasing gradually with intensity. In my own life, things have been quite busy; giving readings, attending classes, and connecting with friends. Through my interactions, I’ve found a very predominant theme running through the collective in the way that peoples’ bodies and various areas of their lives are reacting to the transmissions. Stress, anxiety, and strong emotions are ‘up’, and as people are exploring new options; many seem to be having trouble finding openings…

I can’t say this is the experience for everyone, and some people are thriving; but for those who are struggling – these are the themes that keep repeating. Another persistent theme is that people are continually looking for the answers outside of themselves.

I keep seeing patterns fall into 3 categories. One type of person reads spiritual books by the dozens and may even receive multiple readings a week but they don’t cultivate a time for integration. There is no stillness, self-inquiry, introspection, prayers or a meditation practice. They receive the information on an intellectual level, but don’t get the assimilation needed, where they could actually embody the information and make the desired changes.

Another type is consumed with the news media, and is creating an imbalance in their health due to the scenarios that run through their head all day long pertaining to potential outcomes. The tragedy of this is that none of their imagined scenarios have happened, while the person’s adrenals are in a constant state of distress! They are actually making themselves ill. By going inside, and identifying the feeling or thought – they could own it for themselves, shift it, and transform it.

The third example is a type of person who asks everyone around them what to do and what they think. This person has been conditioned to believe that others’ know better than they do, and the information that they are receiving from different sources is conflicting. They have have not developed their own discernment, and have no internal gauge for their own values and beliefs. They are constantly feeling lost and helpless, stuck in a victim mode….

I’m being flooded with information about the shift, and our next steps in this process. So much much is changing and it’s rapid. There is an unfolding taking place. We are opening, like a flower blooming to all that we are. It is a time in which we are being asked to let go of all we think and know. We are being asked to trust completely in ourselves, our soul and not allow the distractions of the world to cause us to lose focus.

Our ability to absorb and assimilate the helpful Energy transmissions is directly proportional to the amount of introspection that we do on a daily basis.

We have come to a choice point. We are at a place where we need to define what we want for our lives, what we want to focus on, who we want to be with, and how we want to give back. Many are realizing that this life is our creation, our responsibility and our platform for soul growth. Do we dare to dream of all of the possibilities, or do we retreat into the familiar patterns of the 3D matrix that we have been experiencing our whole lives?

When we look at choosing what we want for our lives, scenarios, people, and places that help us to define what we want and what we don’t want will be brought forward. The more layered we are with programming and beliefs that don’t align with our truest self, the more we will experience and be shown what we don’t want for our lives.

It can look as if everything around us is collapsing, including who we thought we were, or how we defined our lives. So it can be helpful to remember that lower level patterns are ALWAYS replaced with something higher. It is a Universal Law…

There’s a lot of information right now being spread, and that information is helping us to be informed about what’s going on behind the scenes, but it also has the potential to leave one feeling disempowered and wanting to blame others The blatant imbalances are becoming obvious to many of us now in regards to the small percentage who have the majority of wealth and power, and how they control the media When we are in our own power, we can choose to relate to it differently.

The more we disconnect from that idea that we are victims and that there are perpetrators that need to be defeated, and the more we go within and access our power, the easier it is for us to fully embody the higher energy transmissions (aka higher levels of support, awareness, and abilities).

If there were ever a time to release resistance, it would be now…. The most painful place to be in these energies is in a place of resistance. When we fight the flow of energy of what is, it is like trying to stand still in a raging river. It hurts and we can feel battered and bruised. It also firmly locks us into a reality that is no longer in our highest interest. We don’t have to like the current situation but we do need to accept it and see it for the growth it provides.

The more we seek the light from within, the easier it is for us to receive the love, all of the codes, upgrades, downloads, and higher realms of light that are being sent to us. When we allow the flow of the river to take us, we open ourselves to miraculous change.

I am the most powerful person in my Universe and you are the most powerful person in yours.

~Jenny Schlitz

The Akash is starting to open up in new ways. People are becoming more conceptual and regaining psychic abilities without even realizing it. They may not hear a voice, but they receive an impression. They may not see a vivid picture, but they have a sense of what is happening. We are starting to be able to ‘read between the lines’ and know if someone is telling the truth.

Many people are connecting more powerfully with their intuition They may be getting strong flashes of helpful insights; they may ‘know’ which environments or energies are more helpful for balancing themselves, or what foods to eat intuitively without a need for muscle testing or an expert giving them allergy tests. Like a chess player, we are beginning to think 3 steps ahead With that ability, we can foresee how the future will play out For example: when we notice a situation that can potentially lead to conflict; we can choose to move away peacefully or remain quiet.

As this shift continues; our cultures, societies, and entire lives will begin to change in ways that reflect higher levels of integrity, abilities and actions.

~ Coming Home ~

Much of my confusion and sadness came from being disconnected from myself. The greatest journey I have taken so far is the one where I ended the alienation between me and all that I am, the one where I connected my light and darkness, where I united what I wanted to know with what I did not want to face. Only through this union and truthfulness did I begin to feel at home within my own being.

~yung pueblo

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