Winter Solstice and the year to come


The theme of this year’s eclipse season is death and rebirth, and the Universe is asking us to consider this thread throughout 2022.  The Astrology of the entire year to come will pivot around this topic with a Scorpio – Taurus axis.  The Winter Solstice is a time of personal awakening; a sacred time to reflect and recreate yourself.  Join me on December 20th for this month’s gathering  of ‘The Personal Mastery Series’, and prepare to launch into 2022 with your clear intentions!  Join live on 12/20 or via recording for the December class titled “Winter Solstice and the year to come!”

Winter Solstice and the year to come

Humanity is being asked to evolve, and if you are awake, it means letting go of the old and creating the new.  The process of letting go has been a theme throughout 2021 and amplified for many with the beginning of the eclipse season.  As we continue to the Winter Solstice on December 21st, we will have prepared ourselves for the new.  I’m holding this class on the Cusp of the Solstice in order for us to release any residual old energy so that we can truly launch our intentions with Love on the following day – of the transcendent Winter Solstice. 

During this Zoom session:

  • We will delve into the constructs of The Quantum field and the innate/smart body – which support us in co-creating consciously
  • Deepen our understanding/connection with consciousness
  • Identify and release hidden limitations
  • Explore the key Astrological aspects that define 2022 – providing us with signs for our own individual journeys
  • Strengthen our alignment with our Higher selves
  • Assert the new paradigm of creating from/with Love through our energy fields and intentions

The Personal Mastery Series is an online gathering that meets monthly, with the intention of raising our consciousness in a supportive group setting.   Each month we will learn new techniques and tools to empower ourselves.  We will create the space to raise our vibration in order to live our highest potential.  Join live on 12/20 or via recording for the December class titled “Winter Solstice and the year to come!”

The Personal Mastery Series is open to anyone who has taken the Basic Energy Tools class.  Join the Zoom session on 12/20 at 5pm MST live or via recording. $33 

 Use this link to register!

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