Clairvoyant Readings/Healings

Clairvoyant Readings Can Help in Many Ways

A reading will help you…

  • By bringing clarity around a specific situation in your life (career, relationship, life change, spiritual path) 
  • If you’re generally feeling stuck in life 
  • When you’re at a crossroads and need to make a big decision 
  • Develop and access a deeper connection to your intuition and higher abilities
  • If you’re a “sensitive” looking for ways to better manage in this world
  • Through learning self-care practices and setting healthy boundaries 
  • By transforming repetitive patterns of self-sabotage or self-doubt that hold you back
  • Manage fear, anxiety and other debilitating feelings
  • To move past old hurts and ‘stories’ that are getting in the way of your desired outcomes
  • With a health issue that doesn’t respond to other treatments 
  • By providing specific tools to help you step into your power as the creator of your life


These sessions are a form of distant healing, usually held over the phone. I ask you to bring an intention with 2 – 3 issues/challenges that you would like me to address. I will begin by creating a safe space for the session, and then have you talk about your intentions, while I read your energy field as it is currently presenting.

Energy frequencies are cleared that are not in alignment with your highest goals and intentions, creating more space for what you are wanting. Each session is different, and depending on your needs/intentions I may offer some coaching, teaching or meditation techniques, as it is appropriate. I will also attune your energy field to a higher vibration with a healing.

From this higher level of alignment one experiences a new level of cohesion. You may feel different energetically, have more clarity, experience a shift in your perception, see new levels of freedom and choice and find that something has healed physically.