The Smart Body





Did you know that the Innate aka Smart Body is responsible for remission in cancer?  It’s also the facilitator for body functions that continue even while a person is lying unconscious in a coma…  Last month I introduced the theme of The Innate, and this month we will do a deeper dive.  Join me on January 11th for this month’s gathering  of ‘The Personal Mastery Series’.  Join live on 1/11 or via recording for the January class titled “The Smart Body”.


During this Zoom session:

  • You will deepen your understanding of the Smart Body 
  • Learn practical ways that you can benefit from creating a relationship to your Innate
  • Participate in a group meditation with a clear step by step process  to learn how to develop a relationship with your smart body
  • Consciously co-create with your Innate


The Personal Mastery Series is an online gathering that meets monthly, with the intention of raising our consciousness in a supportive group setting.   Each month we will learn new techniques and tools to empower ourselves.  We will create the space to raise our vibration in order to live our highest potential.  Join live on 1/11 or via recording for the January class titled “The Smart Body.”

The Personal Mastery Series is open to anyone who has taken the Basic Energy Tools class.  Join the Zoom session on 1/11 at 5pm MST live or via recording. $33 

 Use this link to register!

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