What is Craniosacral Therapy anyway?


Craniosacral Therapy is a healing approach that influences the brain, skull and its cranial sutures, diaphragms, fascia of the body, central nervous system and spinal cord/column, along with the cerebral spinal fluid (or CSF) which flows through the spinal cord. From there it affects the nerves, muscles, organs, endocrine system and physical structures of the body. 

And over the course of my personal experience, I have found it to be the underlying core of our entire being!

There are three approaches to Craniosacral Therapy that have evolved since Dr. Sutherland (one of the original pioneer’s) first began investigating the cranial system. They are called the mechanical, functional and biodynamic models. Each refers to the amount of intervention on the part of the practitioner. Dr. Sutherland’s own journey moved from the intervention of the mechanical model to the softness and listening approach of the biodynamic model. I was drawn to the biodynamic approach and practice that model.

The founder of the Lyons Institute in Colorado wrote an interesting article explaining his journey from the mechanical model to the Biodynamic approach.  

“My students often ask, ‘What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and how does it differ from the “mechanical approach?”  My answer is that one is the path of the Shaman, and the other is that of the mechanic. Both are very rewarding and effective, but the Biodynamic model will change who you are as a human being and how you walk on this planet.

I know because I practiced the mechanical approach for ten years, and then the Biodynamic aproach for the last 13. Of all the disciplines I have been immersed in, the Biodynamic model of Craniosacral Therapy has been the greatest gift and the most transformative and magical of all the disciplines I have learned.”



Quantum physicists tell us that we are actually a liquid crystalline matrix vibrating with light, held in place by gravity! Trauma is held in that field, and that is where we work. When you begin to immerse yourself in that particular Quantum concept; everything begins to shift… It is no different than when you walk in the fields laden with morning dew. It doesn’t take long before your clothing becomes soaked.  In the same manner, your perception of healing and reality shifts the longer you practice and receive this work.

Quantum Science proves that consciousness creates your reality.  So the more consciousness that is held, the more potential for Healing.  In this way – Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy becomes a Quantum Healing modality that works with  consciousness, to heal on many levels (beyond the physical being); and it’s potential  constantly expands as the level of awareness grows.

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