Fall Clairvoyant Reading/Healing Special!

It is a good time to energetically clean and update your spaces; your house, your room, your car, your mind, your heart. New things are coming, make sure you’re welcoming them properly.

Fall is in the air, and I’m running a ‘Clean, Clear, Update, and Let go” special!

All Clairvoyant Readings/Healings will be discounted $25 through October 21st. Normally valued at $175, the Readings/Healings will be discounted to $150. Book online or through me directly at 970-420-8952, and brookeleclaire@gmail.com

 Not sure what a session could help with? Here are some ideas:

  • Bring clarity and healing around a specific situation in your life (career, relationship, life change, health issue, spiritual path)
  • Transform a repeating pattern
  • Shift out of self sabbotage or self doubt
  • Develop and access a deeper connection to your intuition and higher abilities
  • Access tools to manage in this world easier
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Learn techniques for self care
  • Manage fear, anxiety and other debilitating feelings
  • When you’re at a crossroads moment, or in a transition with a lot of ‘unknowns’
  • Move past old hurts and ‘stories’ that are getting in the way of your desired outcomes
  • Understand the deeper levels of your manifestations; allowing new perceptions, beliefs, and choices to arise, empowering you and aligning with a higher vibration
  • Step into your power as the creator of your life

Every fall the leaves remind us to let go.

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