You as a Creator

As your consciousness expands, your understanding of the interconnectedness of everything deepens. And you recognize that you change the world by changing yourself.

A few years ago I read about a meditation practice that directed the readers to connect with whatever they imagined to be the highest form of benevolence. Examples could be their guides and Ascended Masters, Higher Self, or the God I AM presence; whatever resonated best for them. They were to connect their crown (7th) chakra with that energy for 10 minutes a day. And at the end of the 10 minutes, the reader was directed to ask that expression of benevolence how they could act in their highest expression that day, and then follow the guidance.

I’ve done this practice for a time now, and have been directed in many different ways. Sometimes it’s something easy and I’ll give a free session, perform a random act of kindness that no one will ever know about, reach out to people to offer support or a kind word (it’s important to note that when doing this, I am not telling someone what they did wrong, giving my opinion about a subject, or bragging about an accomplishment I’ve had. Rather, I am simply letting someone know that they are wonderful and they matter). Other times the directive is more difficult, and I need to make amends, stop old patterns of judging or resisting, or even to acknowledge and change beliefs or limitations that no longer serve my higher expression.

Each day I make a point to act from this higher guidance, and it’s changed my life! I’ve learned that when I give from this higher vibration, the world that is reflected back to me is beautiful, and it just keeps getting better.

As the world continues its process of dismantling, it prepares for the new to emerge.  Every individual has a say in how they want to create a new world.  Do you want more fear, hate and separation; or are you choosing love, acceptance, and compassionate action?  This simple meditation is one of the ways that I choose to create the new, because that’s the kind of world I want to live in. What are you willing to do to create the world of your choosing?

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