Quantum Healing Sessions

I’m Re-branding my work, and calling it Quantum Healing. It’s a synthesis of many types of healing including: Clairvoyant reading, Trance Mediumship, Craniosacral therapy, Polarity Therapy, Quantum Science, Epigenetics, Meditation/Inquiry, Shamanism, various techniques from Spiritism, and a mix of others. I’ll share the updated menu below, and hope you’ll find something that interests you ~

Quantum Healing

These sessions are a blend of energy reading, clearing, healing and intuitive coaching. They are a compilation of some of the best healing systems that I’ve found over the past 25 years.

A Quantum Healing Session

We set up a Session time for about 60 minutes via Phone, Skype, Whats App, Facetime, or Messenger. The client brings an intention into the session with 2 – 3 issues/challenges and their goals.

All sessions begin with permission from the client, then we set a safe space. We set the space by creating a high vibrational Energy field, invoking the Laws of Grace, inviting our guides (Source I AM presence, and non-physical teams of help), and our highest intentions.

The client begins to talk about their issues/goals, and I read the field, responding accordingly.

Initial Sessions

Basic clearing. An initial session clears a variety of problems in the energy field and strengthens your connection to your Higher Self and guides. This session clears any lower frequency energies affecting your energy field.

Clearing/Opening the Akashic Records. These sessions open and access the Akash or Akashic Records (aka Soul Records). Karmic problems, programs, vows, and contracts can be cleared. Similarly any problems with another being or group can be cleared. The client will also be able to tap into the wealth of knowledge that the Akash offers, which can lead them to their highest potential.

Cord Cutting. This is a very common problem and keeps people connected to others’ in a variety of ways that prevent the client from acting upon their free will. Any hidden agreements are updated and cleared to enable freedom between the client and another person, group or situation.

Psychic Protection. These sessions use of a number of vibrational healing tools that are used to clear the energy fields and install new layers of psychic protection. A session can identify and remove hooks, tears, leakages, intrusions, implants, machines, foreign energies, and effects from harmful environmental frequencies. Extra layers of protection may be placed in the energy field as necessary and appropriate.

Being Removal/Dis-obsession. Sessions will clear lower energy beings and forms from the client’s space, help them to find the vibrational ‘match’ within that allows for these energies, and apply healing to help the client transform the agreement and create a higher energy field that lower energies can no longer influence .

Soul Retrieval. Sessions may work with a particular lifetime connected to a specific issue, so that it can be released with more ease and grace. Occasionally it is necessary for the client to experience more fully a lifetime that is causing some difficulty. In some cases parts of the soul have been lost and need to be retrieved. It is also the case that soul fragments from another can be unconsciously held in the client’s energy field and need to be returned their rightful owner. The soul fragments are sent via the Higher Self to ensure cleansing and safe delivery.

Ending Agreements In some situations, the soul has made an agreement in that no longer serves the client’s highest self or their current goals. This is often characterized by the client sabotaging their progress, locked into a situation that seems immoveable, or having situations or reactions that repeat over and over. This session finds the origin of the agreement, reveals the lesson that the soul was attempting to learn, and breaks the agreement – allowing the client to have more of their own personal power to create their goals in present time.

Deprogramming. Programming or conditioning is a normal part of our upbringing. Our parents, teachers, religious leaders, and people who have any type of authority show children how to be. It’s how we learn manners, cultural norms, and how to fit into society. However when the programming is out of date, dysfunctional, or keeps the client from their higher goals, then deprogramming becomes important. These sessions clear the programming or conditioning that is not in alignment with the client’s highest potential or authentic self.

Working with Discernment. These sessions help to update the 7th chakra, and the energy mechanics that enable a person to be able to have their own truth. When the energy flows correctly, we live our lives in our power, not as a victim. We have the ability to ‘read between the lines’ in situations, intuitively knowing what is (or is not) in the highest alignment for us.

Rewriting the lineage In the case of of a lineage pattern, the client has awareness around a pattern that keep repeating, and although they are very conscious of the affect of the pattern (which is not in alignment with their goals), they can’t seem to shift the pattern once and for all. These type of patterns tend to have many layers, and have often been set up by our ancestors before our current lifetime began. During a session, or series of sessions, the origin of the pattern is located and the agreement is updated. This may include work with a sub-personality/and or inner child work. The client will experience a new level of freedom around the pattern, and an ability to align with their highest intentional timeline.

Activating Your Soul Plan. These sessions clear blocks to your soul essence and help you come into alignment with your soul mission/plan. It may involve working with the Akash and the Akashic record keeper to help you reconnect you to your skills, gifts, and resources gained over many other lifetimes. This opens you more to the full power and beauty of your soul purpose, and leaves you feeling clearer and lighter.

Advanced Sessions

These sessions are for people that I’ve been working with over time. They are quite transformational, and require a certain level of dedication from the client. A commitment of multiple sessions is required.

Creating coherence The New Earth is completely vibrational. And the more that we can raise our vibration, living with an open, compassionate heart; the more we can intentionally stand in our power, create our lives, and live in balance and joy. Sessions include a meditation to be practiced daily in order to create coherence in ourself, create new neural pathways, become more conscious around the frequencies that the heart can generate, and shift into higher levels of awareness and existence.

Pineal Activation The Pineal is the bridge between the higher realms of support and guidance, and our physical selves. Once we have worked together and have a good understanding of Coherence, we will Activate the Pineal to open this doorway.

Youthing. These sessions follow the Pineal Activation, and work with specific attributes of the DNA. Using the principals of Epigenetics and Quantum Science, we begin to re-wire the aging ‘program’ that we have inherited from our culture; to create health within ourselves, reverse the aging process, and step into our power as we reclaim our ability to manifest perfect health.

DNA Activation/Opening codes. The key our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual evolution lies within our DNA. It is the gateway to access Multidimensional consciousness. Humanity’s evolutionary goal on Earth is to assemble and activate this 12 strand DNA Template for the Ascension process. These sessions activate the DNA codes, allowing the client to step into their higher Multidimensional potential.

Awakening the heart centers. This 5 session package allows you to consciously develop a deeper connection between your heart centers and that part of yourself that people relate to as the highest energy of Consciousness/Benevolence known in the Universe.

By invoking this higher aspect into your heart chakra, you begin to align in new ways. And as you integrate this higher aspect with your heart chakra and mind, you also develop a stronger relationship to the helpful energies in the higher realms. This dynamic helps you to transform lower aspects of “self” that no longer serve, while living as your higher aspect. It also accelerates your awakening.

There have been writings of new Chakras that have been found, and this process integrates one of them; the smaller chakra near the solar plexus. As we work with the smaller chakra – we transmute energies like control, resistance, anger, and mis-use of power into the higher heart and mind. This simple process helps us to recognize and step out of old power struggles, giving the choice recognize and stop engaging in other people’s mis-use of their 3rd chakra, and to better align with our own personal power.

As we integrate and balance through the process, our vibration raises and we emanate a more pure frequency. And as we go through our days, we consciously radiate love to anyone, anything and any place, while simultaneously increasing our capacity to receive more of the Pure Consciousness of the higher realms and transformational Divine Love. We cultivate a flow of energy that can be felt and measured – a flow of receiving and giving that begins to create a Unity consciousness, and allows us to feel one with all things.

Living without Limits. This can mean various things to different people. Whether you are wanting to live in abundance, create a life you are passionate about, manifest a committed relationship with your Twin flame, become Enlightened, speak in Light languages, or connect with your Star family – these sessions use any variety of tools to help you find your answers inside, working with your Akash in a new way, and navigating the various signs and patterns that reveal as you deepen into your Universe.

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