The Alchemy of Transforming


I alone can’t change society for the better. But I can radically transform my own Consciousness, overturning the conditioning that limits my potential. We can all do this, one by one. Over time we can change ourselves to the degree that society changes from the inside out, giving birth to a new way of being; manifesting our birthright of living in a peaceful and abundant world. Have no fear. Trust yourself. Live your full potential.

How are you doing?  Is your job satisfying?  Are your relationships fulfilling?  Are you healthy and happy? Are you creating your life in ways that are pleasing?  What challenges are you facing?  What patterns are repeating in your lives? A Clairvoyant Reading/Healing is an empowering way to help you identify and transform limitations in your experience, enabling you to move forward in life with more ease and joy. Read more about these sessions here:

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Clairvoyant Readings/Healings, Animal Communication, and Attunements for Homes/ Office Spaces by phone – $175/one hour session

Craniosacral Therapy, Energy Healing, and Massage in Boulder, CO 

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