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As we shift into the month of February, I thought I would share a message of Love.  When something happens where emotional, spiritual or psychological pain comes up, our first instinct is to close down, close off and become shielded and contracted.  From this space it is very difficult to experience the warm feelings of love, safety, comfort or even compassion.

In Clairvoyant terms, we read energy ‘pictures’.  And the picture that has become Senior in this situation is that whoever caused harm, said the hurtful things, and lit up pain in your experience – cannot be trusted and they are no longer deserving of Love. Only Source can love them now.

The truth is that even the “bad or evil people” are Source. Source is everywhere and in everyone. Bad, painful or hurtful experiences are not something necessarily to dwell on, but they are an opportunity for growth. They are an opportunity for getting curious: in asking ‘what is my Essence trying to create in my life now that this situation is leading me towards’?   What miracle is about to become real now thanks to this difficult experience?

Your greatest power is your capacity for choice. You can always choose a different experience. You can’t choose for others, but you can choose for yourself.

You don’t have to allow harsh people into your private, safe circles; but you can thank them for bringing you some kind of valuable lessons that either made you stronger, more confident, more straightforward and perhaps even more of a leader. Thanks to these people you no longer tolerate certain negative behaviors, and you are setting a brilliant example of boundaries for others, who follow your example.

Today’s healing message is a reminder to simply trust in Source. Trust in Essence. They know what they are doing and they are bringing you the fruition of your sweetest dreams. Miracles are about to become manifest. Embrace it all, celebrate it all and give thanks for it all.

~ Janno Kondrashev


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