Animals have been a big part of the experience in Abadiania for many.  And on this trip, I was adopted by this gorgeous kitty!

Homes in Brazil often have large gates or walls protecting them, and you enter through a doorway that leads into a garden or yard.  At my rental home, there was a gate, and a cat would wait for me there.  She would then walk me to my front door each time I came home.  At night, she would sleep near my apartment – either on a chair or on the sidewalk leading up to the home.  And in the morning she would be waiting by my front door to walk me back to the gate.  After a day or two, I realized that she was my ‘protector’ and would watch over me as long as I stayed there. 

She had a home next door with another cat and dog, and a human who fed her well.  But she clearly liked her own space, and would come over to the property that I was staying at to get her alone time.  The first few times I noticed her, she would be lying in the bushes near my walkway, or laying on a chair that was tucked away in the shade.  I like to spend time sitting in the garden, and she would sit next to me under the table, or eventually on my lap.  At one point she telepathically repeated the word ‘Sozinha’ over and over.  So I started to call her Sozinha – and she would come running to me:)

I was having an Acai with a friend who lives in Abadiania, and told her of my little protector kitty.  I didn’t know the word Sozinha – and asked if she knew it.  She said that in Portuguese Sozinha means ‘alone’.  I laughed when I heard that; this is a cat that loves to be alone – with me.  And she designated herself as my protector, as I was alone too.  How beautiful!

Although this beautiful kitty is well loved and cared for, many animals in Brazil are not so fortunate.  Brazilians are just beginning to spay and neuter their pets, and the animal population is extensively overrun.   In this season of thanks and giving – if you feel inclined to help in feeding, neutering or adopting a dog or cat – I know two beautiful women who are dedicating their time to saving animals.  If you feel called, you can check out their FB pages to learn more about the animal environment in Brazil and the need for support.

Vivian Mauro has a non- profit Animal Rescue in Abadiania called is called ASPAAB / Association to Protect Animals of Abadiania. Her fundraising site is and you can visit her page on FB called Animals Lovers Abadiania.


Yvona Price has a focus on cats – but helps with dogs as well in Abadiania.  You can visit her FB page at:  Angels to Animals in Abadiania Rescue .

She’s also available through

Whats App

+55 62 99911-9364

or email:

I will be leading a group to Visit the Casa de Dom Inácio
in Abadiania, Brazil!

February 20 – March 2, 2023

This is a wonderful opportunity for people to go within, experience the love and support of the higher realms, open their hearts, and heal with the help of the Divine Entities that work at the Casa.

The Casa de Dom Inácio is considered a Spiritual Hospital where we heal our Soul and Spirit through our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. It is one of the few places on Earth where this type of Healing phenomenon takes place on a daily basis. More details to come…

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