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Hello friends,
I’m sharing a piece that really sums up our passage through this time.  I found it illuminating, and hope it helps you too in some way…
After two long, hard, isolating years, we have a new frequency that is growing inside of us. We might even feel this as a little flutter in our upper chest, just as we wake up in the morning. It can feel like a butterfly just emerging from its cocoon. At that place between awake and asleep there is a quickening, just like the quickening we are living through that is between the past cycle and the new arriving one. We’re about to stretch our wings for the first time in this brand new cycle of time. It is confusing and exhausting, exhilarating and exciting, and filled with anticipation. There is a field of limitless possibilities out in front of us. This new energy is how humanity will build a foundation for our new earth, but this is also the frequency that will dissolve anything that cannot resonate with it . . . like a glass shattering in the presence of an angel’s voice. Anything in the presence of this frequency will either resonate with it, or simply disappear.
This frequency is why we feel deeply inside of us that something has shifted, something big has changed within us, but we don’t know what it is just yet. Not knowing is a divine safeguard to protect this new frequency from any outside contamination. Because we all know the world is pretty messy right now, and it is messy building a new earth while the old world is still limping along to keep us alive until we can land in the new cycle.
From what I can see, this amazing new energy is within us now. (I am sure of it . . . if you find yourself reading this now.) And we can intend through our higher selves to direct it into the earth with our love and reverence. Do not think for an instant earth is struggling. She is absolutely not. She will outlive us all and can regenerate herself at anytime. She is immortal. It is by the grace of the Creator and earth that we are allowed to be here and walk and live upon her. It is time to give back to her now. When we give back to her we help build a new world on a clean slate, a new foundation on which our new lives will anchor. It is in our anchoring to the new earth that ensures our survival. But also when we send our love into the earth it circulates through all the earth grids around the world and uplifts and supports all living beings. We are doing this as one. The time of the solo spiritual sojourn has past. And it’s interesting to say this because we have never felt more isolated than we have in the last couple years.
We absolutely do not know what the future will look like, or how it will manifest in our physical world. We can speculate and debate for hours or days about the huge array of possibilities floating out in front of us. Our minds can entertain us forever with all of this nonsense. What will actually manifest will not be known until we arrive. Many things will come as a great surprise. Many things that manifest will be things we never could have imagined. During this time we must act with the greatest of patience with ourselves and with others, and foster absolute trust in the universe. Because right now if you’re honest with yourself, you know you are absolutely not in control of anything at all. We are feeling unmoored, like a ship without a rudder, a map or a plan. Know that what will manifest is exactly what is in divine alignment with the new universal laws. Knowing this, there is nothing we need to worry about. We can let go of our egos and our inner mind control and allow Creator to work though our hearts.
As we have said before, this has never been done before. In the past, humanity has always dropped their bodies and reincarnated into the new cycle, after the new energy has anchored and settled down. This is the first time we have done this process while holding onto our current physical body. When we do this we will rewrite the Akashic records, regarding how Star Tribes in human form made their Ascension while in their physical embodiments. Someone will decide to make it through this time with their physical bodies, and some will not. There’s no right or wrong or especially any form of judgment in how or when we decided to land into the new cycle. All will arrive in the new cycle in the right moment in time. All it will take is a small percentage of souls to traverse this chasm between cycles in their physical form to break the barrier of the cycle of life and death.
Nothing outside of ourselves will be coming to save us. It’s time for us to stop looking outside of ourselves. Nothing magical will manifest to make this process easier or instantaneous, although miracles can and do happen. It is time for us stop fantasizing other outcomes to avoid the work ahead of us. The time of being run around by our noisy, contaminated mind voice is over. We are entering an era that is totally guided by our open hearts. Flat out, this is hard shadow work. There’s no way to run from this work anymore. It is coming to seek you out. It is pushing us over the edge to find the source of unlimited soul strength within. This time is about authentic and raw self empowerment on steroids, beyond anything we have ever experienced. We are being completely leveled, humbled and awakened in ways we never imagined even only a few years ago.
This time is epic and historic, yet we will not be able to maintain any ego or self inflated grandeur about who we think we are, or what we think we can manifest now. There is no greater or lesser than in the eyes of the Creator. There is no judgment about any path taken.
There comes a time in any journey where a point is reached where there is no turning back. And this is where we are. We are one human race. The only way out is through. And the only way we do this…. is if we do it together as ONE.
Blessings to you all. 
Brooke LeClaire Healing

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